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Utah Women's Walk

One of the non-profit organizations that I've worked with is the Utah Women's Walk. Did I mention this organization was founded by a woman? Well, in case that wasn't clear, it was founded by a woman. Michele Welch started this project a number of years ago and I hopped on board her ship in 2012. I met Michele and thought I could volunteer some photography consulting...and for some unknown reason she accepted my offer! When I started, Michele had about twentysomething interviews and biographies finished to completion. The biography repository has grown since the twentysomething range and surpassed a one hundred milestone. The organization interviews women in the state of Utah that have contributed their time and energy to their communities. It's a collective of their experiences and histories-or herstories. It has been a fascinating experience! I've encountered some of the busiest women from professors to executives to philanthropists, as well as everyday women who strive to make lives better in their micro communities. We've traveled up and down the Wasatch Front to interview some of these women. Having heard some of these women talk about their experiences, I've observed all of these women have a commonality-the desire to make life better and a drive that propels them forward in the midst of challenges.

Here are a few BTS images of Michele, as Founder of the Utah Women's Walk. Michele is one busy lady. She often divides her time between family, the Utah Women's Walk, religious service, teaching, & home life but she isn't a one woman band. Tim, her husband, is as busy as Michele and dedicated to supporting Michele and the Utah Woman's Walk. To find out more about this non-profit visit the Utah Women's Walk site, if you're feeling extra motivated-nominate a female for the Utah Women's Walk; we're always searching for nominees!

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