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My Story Matters

Another non-profit that I'm involved with is My Story Matters. This organization partners with Heritage Makers to produce books of children and families. This non-profit was an idea by Amy Chandler that became an organization when she and Kellie Chatfield brought together a group of mothers to work on Amy's project, known today as My Story Matters. They have a plethora of series. My first My Story Matters event was at the Road Home Shelter in Salt Lake City. We had about 200 children participate which was atypical, I found out. I lugged lighting equipment and camera gear into the RHS. We, as the volunteer photographers, were all crammed into a courtyard and the lobby of the RHS taking portraits of kids. I helped take pictures while another army of volunteers interviewed the children. It always amazes me how many people it takes to produce one book and the number of people willing to volunteer! Later, another group of volunteers compile the photos and interviews into books that are printed then given to the participants. If you or your company desire to volunteer in a hands-on capacity, contact My Story Matters. They always need volunteers!

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